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Harnessing our advanced expertise to contribute to society by instilling Hitachi's corporate culture and developing excellent human capital


To become a world-class knowledge hub that connects people and inspires learning


President & Representative Director Hajime Kawamura

We are a training institution that globally supports the creation of a sustainable society through Hitachi's Social Innovation Business in terms of human resources. We support the growth of organizations and people, aiming to realize management and human resource strategies in response to the rapidly changing business environment.

As the business environment grows increasingly uncertain due to the rapid development of technology and increasingly complex international situations nowadays, it will become increasingly important to have a global perspective in being able to deeply explore current issues from the future, to take action digitally to solve problems, and to continue to learn in a rapidly changing society.

To this end, we are expanding our human resource development programs globally, focusing on our core competencies in the areas of IT/OT*, DX/GX, as well as management, business, and leadership. We also aim to become a "Hub of Knowledge" where diverse people from around the world who aspire to growth can gather, autonomously learn together, and stimulate each other.

As a member of the Hitachi Group, which aims to realize a sustainable society and support people's happiness through data and technology, please look forward to our Hitachi Academy supporting the growth of people and businesses.

Hajime Kawamura, President & Representative Director

* OT:
Operational Technology
Courses that can be offered as of April 2024 will be in the fields of manufacturing and production technology.